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What is a PENTEST?

Pentest — or penetration test — shows how an attacker can penetrate a company’s IT infrastructure using its vulnerabilities. They may be part of the operating system, services, applications, as well as to be the result of improper configuration or user’s actions. Such an assessment is useful in verifying the effectiveness of defense mechanisms, as well as user compliance with security policies.

Penetration testing is usually performed using manual or automated technologies to compromise servers, computers, web applications, wireless networks, network devices, and other potential points of impact. After the vulnerabilities have been successfully exploited, the testers can try to use compromised system to launch subsequent exploits on internal resources.

Information on any security vulnerabilities that were successfully used during penetration test is usually collected and provided to the heads of the company and IT departments to help specialists draw strategic conclusions and prioritize appropriate measures.

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Let our experts simulate an attack on your network to show you your weaknesses and how to improve them

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When conducting a penetration test, we use our own methodology, based on our experience, which takes into account the approaches of leading standards and world institutions specializing in information security.

External penetration test

We assess the reliability of your security controls, and determine the ways in which an attacker can enter into the company’s internal network from the outside

Internal Network Testing

Imitation of the actions of an internal attacker, for example, a visitor who has only physical access to the office, or a contractor with limited access to certain systems.

Web Application Testing

Security test of mobile applications using OWASP Mobile Security methodology


Assess your employees’ awareness of information security issues.


Pentest of critical infrastructure, including exploitation of vulnerabilities in ICS

Let our experts simulate an attack on your network to show you your weaknesses

The various way to perfom a PEN TEST

There are three main methods and configurations for completing an intrusion test:

Black Box

This method assumes that no information about the system being assessed is provided, and the penetration test specialists should collect all the information they need on their own.

Grey Box

This method is a compromise between the two mentioned above. In this option, the customer transmits to the experts a pre-agreed limited set of information.

White Box

This method provides for the transfer to the contractor of all the requested safety-relevant information about the system, for example such things as a network diagram, a description of the internal architecture of the system.

Common security vulnerabilities

Real attacks, real training.

Ayris Penetration Tests are tailored to your environment; there are no two identical ratings. Many penetration testing options are available, each of which provides information that can greatly enhance the security of your organization.

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We look for open ports, use of weak password credentials and unsafe user privileges, as well as deep configuration issues that can be exploited to achieve network access.

We check that the encryption methods being used to protect and transmit data are secure enough to prevent tampering and eavesdropping.  

We examine software source code to identify code injection and memory flaws that could lead to the exposure of data. 

We test whether cookies and tokens used by software applications can be exploited to hijack sessions and escalate privileges. 

What you get after TESTING:

Ayris security experts design the tactics, methods, and actions of real attackers targeting your sensitive information. Our in-depth knowledge of the behavior of attackers using targeted cyber attacks can help you to:

  • Determine if your data is really at risk
  • Identify and fix vulnerabilities before an attacker takes advantage of them
  • Get an idea of the attacker’s goals
  • Get quantitative results that will help you measure the risk associated with the loss of your data and the delay in the company

Summary report for company or department managers

Tactical recommendations for immediate improvement.

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