About us

AYRIS is an information security company, its main objectives are to identify threats, assess risks and possible vectors of attacks towards organizations. Our goal is to find vulnerabilities in the company’s IT infrastructure before they become known to any attackers. We also help organizations understand cyber incidents that have taken place and hold staff training.

Statistics on information security the Russian Federation

of data breaches have cause attributed to human error

of all attachments emailed daily are harmful for their intended recipients

of cyber attacks are targeted at small businesses

global organizations cannot claim that they are equipped to handle a cyber attack

Our services

Penetration test

Actual demonstration of potential attack vectors that allow an attacker to bypass network protection tools.

  • External/internal  pentest
  • Social pentest
  • Mobile&Web application pentest

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Cyber forensics

We carry out full range of measures to identify the reasons for hacking your company. During the investigation, we determine:

  • Vector of the attack
  • Extent of damage
  • Instruments used
Reverse engineering & Fuzzing

Our employees analyze the source code of clients in the following areas:

  • Black box testing
  • Binary Audit
  • Fuzzing

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investigation held
companies hacked
vulnerabilities found

Why companies prefer working with us?

There are some of the reasons why our clients choose us

Guaranteed results

You pay only for the results achieved. If our employees do not find any problems in your security — you get the report for free.

Experienced team

Our employees have wide experience in searching various vulnerabilities and continuously develop their knowledge.

Performance report

You receive the extensive report on the work performed, indicating all the recommendations on eliminating the vulnerabilities detected.

We would be glad to see

You among our clients!

Youth and energy

The average are of our staff is 28 years old. They are vibrant and are eager to scale new heights in their profession.

Tasks flexibility

You can manage the results of the test by defining the main directions and the depth of investigation.

Mobile App Pentest Report

Effective mobile penetration testing is much more than just a vulnerability scan: its a structured and proven methodology.